Bangladeshi Marine Community, Singapore

Bangladeshi Marine Community, Singapore

Official Visit of Honorable Prime Minister to Singapore & BD Seafarers’ issues

Bangladesh PM makes first official visit to Singapore 11~13 March 2018
On behalf of the Bangladeshi Marine Community, Singapore (BMCS), I am writing you informing the action taken by BMCS in connection with the Honorable Prime Minister’s visit to Singapore; with regard to Bangladeshi Seafarers’ Visas and other problems.
An official letter addressed to the Honorable Prime Minister was handed over thru Bangladeshi High Commission, Singapore on 7 March 2018. The letter was handed over to HE Md. Mustafizur Rahman, the High Commissioner of Bangladesh to Singapore in his office with the BMCS President and a couple of Council Representatives.
In the above-mentioned letter, we have requested the Honorable Prime Minister to assist in resolving our Seafarers’ visa problem including associated problems ie. NTL (Not To Land), difficulties in Sign-on/off in the Port of Singapore.

During the meeting, HE Md. Mustafizur Rahman assured us that the High Commission would take up visa issues with the Honorable Prime Minister and it had been included in the agenda.
The same letter was copied to:
• Maj Gen Mia Mohammad Zainal Abedin, Military Secretary to the Honorable Prime Minister, who is visiting Singapore with PM.
• Mahbub Uz Zaman, Secretary Bilateral (Asia-Pacific), MOFA, Bangladesh.
• Commodore Arif, DG Shipping, Bangladesh.
• Dr. Sajid Hussain, Commandant, Bangladesh Marine Academy, Bangladesh at al.
On 11 March 2018, Shipping Secretary Md. Abdus Samad called a meeting with Bangladeshi Marine Community, and Singapore President Zahirul Islam. The meeting was held in the Shangri-La Hotel, Singapore where the Honorable Prime Minster is staying. The meeting was also attended by the Chairman of, the Chittagong Port Authority.
A few representatives of BMCS along with the BMCS President attended the meeting and we had at-length discussions about the visa and other problems faced by Bangladeshi seafarers. The visa problem of Bangladeshi Seafarers will be brought to the attention to the Honorable Prime Minister by Shipping Secretary himself, as assured by him.

BMCS is in touch with the PM delegation in Singapore and with the Bangladeshi High Commission, in Singapore. We hope our endeavors will help to ease up visa problem of Bangladeshi seafarers in Singapore and eventually in India, Dubai, and other countries.
BMCS representatives held a meeting(s) with Major General Mia Mohammad Zainul Abedin BB, OSP, PSC; Military Secretary to the Prime Minister, and with Mr. Md. Shafiul Islam (Mohiuddin), President of FBCCI on 12 March 2018.
The honorable Prime Minister left Singapore on 13 March 2018 afternoon for home, cutting short her four-day official visit by a day following the crash of US Bangla aircraft. We pray for the departed souls and the quick recovery of the injured passengers and crew.
Prior to the departure, we were called upon to meet the Honorable Prime Minister at the Shangri-La Hotel. BMCS President M. Zahirul Islam (12E) and I had the privilege to meet her. PM informed us that she had discussed the seafarer’s visa issue with Singapore Prime Minister and Singapore President during formal meetings. We expressed our gratitude and thanked her sincerely.
Trust by conveying our message to the Head(s) of Government(s) and State, we now have a strong base to move forward and resolve the visa and associated issues.
We request the Bangladeshi marine community across the globe to suggest and guide us in resolving these issues.
Finally, I would like to thank our seniors, batch-mates, and junior brothers for your encouragement and kind words.
Thank You.

On behalf of BMCS Council
Emdad (29)
General Secretary


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