Bangladeshi Marine Community, Singapore

Bangladeshi Marine Community, Singapore

Who we are

The revelation of 45,000 years old Dugout Canoes indicates Maritime Trade is one of the Oldest Profession on Earth, and also currently is as one of the most critical one, – as almost ninety percent of the world, trade is transported through the sea. Ever since, many things have changed, except for the tenants of Maritime Profession, Sailors (or Seafarers). We, the Seafarers, are the predecessors of legendary Marco Polo, Vasco da Gama or Sir Thomas Stamford Raffles.

The vary term, seafarers does not express it all. We have one more thing in common, linkage with Bangladesh and also it is very rare that a seaman never touched down Singapore during their entire sea career.

Our predecessors came to Singapore in the seventies and assimilated with Singaporeans society. Over the years Singapore has developed to this great International Maritime Centre (IMC). Days passed by and these marine communities from Bangladesh started growing over the years. We were fortunate to have more than 200 Mariners’ or marine related family living here in Singapore, and have obtained Registry of Societies (ROS) approval to be ‘Bangladeshi Marine Community Singapore’ (BMCS), in 2014.

BMCS Members as per constitution, shall avoid political topics & controversial religious topics in its venues. We are not any group of politicians, all our members are surely committed professionals, for which we all are proud of. Every single member is very important & shoulder’s huge responsibility for our Community’s pride. We all will surely have the freedom of expression & interacting benefits but with a high level of ethical practices. We will always have respect for each other. Our interest must be common, we may have conflict of opinions but our conflict of opinion cannot be at the cost of our community bondage. The bondage that we all have created & achieved together over all these years of our friendship, our brotherly & cordial relations, and our hard work cannot be tarnished. We are keeping this bondage strong.

We organized Technical talks to share knowledge from the expertise, to others; family gathering like family day picnic or annual dinners; for closer bonding. Also due to few untimely departure of our few colleagues we have campaign: Maintain healthy life style with healthy diet/exercise. Self-awareness of Health screening, complete medical check-up at regular intervals. Personal Medical insurance policy, in addition to company policy. Personal life insurance policy as per affordability, in addition to company policy. A saving for your children’s future education or Endowment plans. Every individual to prepare his own “Confidential Data Bank” with all valuable confidential information including all your joint bank account numbers. List of Assets & Liabilities, and name of beneficiaries, preferably  through “Will and registering it with appropriate authorities”.