Bangladeshi Marine Community, Singapore

Bangladeshi Marine Community, Singapore



(From the Desk of the President, BMCS MC 2021-2022)

Shah Mokbul Huda Jewel

It is a matter of pride and great satisfaction to pen the message for “Nongor”, the Bi-yearly magazine published by the Bangladeshi Marine Community, Singapore (BMCS). My heart fills with immense pleasure as I see the intellectual and cultural thirst of our community members and their family members in search of our roots in this globalized and mechanized world today.

“Nongor” is a Bangla term meaning “Anchor”, which symbolizes Safety, Security, Confidence, Hope, Stability, Good Luck, and also the Consistent Strength to master the great quality of Resilience amidst all Adversity. It is a reminder to stay grounded and be proud of your Strong Existence to embark and survive on any Journey that Life has to offer. It can also serve as a reminder of one’s Roots, Cultures and Origins when far Away from home.

The Bangladeshi Marine Community, Singapore perfectly embodies all the Spiritual Dimension of the Anchor, and serves as a Strong Global Mediator for the Bangladeshi Maritime community. Our emotions, joys and sorrows, needs and expectations are all tied to the single anchor of the BMCS. This magazine has accurately portrayed our mission and vision of safeguarding our Cultural, Social, and Spiritual identity.

This community serves as a support network for its members, providing them with a sense of belonging and connection to their roots. The community works to preserve and promote the culture and traditions of Bangladesh, as well as to advocate for the needs and interests of its members. In addition to organizing cultural events and social gatherings. The community also works to provide assistance and support to its members in times of need.

Through the “Nongor” magazine and other initiatives, the BMCS family aims to showcase the achievements and contributions of its members, as well as to provide a platform for discussion and exchange of ideas. The community strives to be a strong and vibrant part of the fabric of Singaporean society, while also honoring and preserving its unique cultural identity.

I would like to express my gratitude to the writers, readers, and sponsors of the “Nongor” magazine. Your hard work and dedication make this publication possible. Thank you for your commitment to preserving and promoting our community’s culture and traditions. Your efforts are greatly appreciated and help to keep us connected. I hope you will continue to support and engage with the “Nongor” magazine in the future.

I would like to express my gratitude to the writers, readers, sponsors and editors panel of the “Nongor” magazine”


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