Bangladeshi Marine Community, Singapore

Bangladeshi Marine Community, Singapore

BMCS Community Night 2023

The Bangladeshi Marine Community, Singapore (BMCS) organized a community night on 11th February 2023 at the Grand Ballroom, Temasek Club in Singapore. The event was aimed to bring together the Bangladeshi community living in Singapore, promote cultural exchange, and celebrate the achievements of the community.

The entertainment at the event was top-notch, with a variety of performances that kept the audience engaged throughout the night. The dance performances were a highlight of the evening, showcasing traditional dances from both Singapore and Bangladesh. The crowd was thrilled by the talented performers, who displayed great skill and grace.

The singers and musicians added to the excitement, with their soulful and melodious performances. The Bangladeshi community was especially proud to have the famous singer Bappi perform at the event, and he did not disappoint. His electrifying performance left the audience wanting more, and they cheered him on enthusiastically.

The event also had entertainment for the kids, with a magic show and puppet show that kept them entertained and captivated. The children were delighted with the performances, and it was heartening to see them having such a great time.

One of the highlights of the event was the raffle draw, where attendees had the opportunity to win prizes ranging from household items to electronic gadgets. The excitement was palpable as the winners were announced, and everyone cheered in excitement.

BMCS Magazine ‘Nongor 2023’ unveiling programme was held at the event and the editorial board was present on stage to give a brief introduction to the magazine. The editor highlighted the key features of the magazine, including articles on the latest trends in the shipping industry, interviews with prominent personalities, and news on the community’s latest activities.

During the event, the BMCS also gave out awards to individuals who had made significant contributions to the community. The BMCS Distinguished Personality award was given to Mr. Rafiqul Quader and Mr. Ghazi Abu Taher for their outstanding achievements in the shipping industry and their contributions to the Bangladeshi community in Singapore. The two awardees were visibly touched by the honor and expressed their gratitude to the BMCS.

In addition, a token of appreciation was given to BMCS members Mr. Latiful Islam and Mostafizur Rahman for their outstanding contributions to the community.

The event also included a special recognition ceremony for children who had excelled in their Primary School Leaving Examinations (PSLE) in 2021 and 2022. The children were given awards and certificates for their outstanding academic achievements, and the proud parents beamed with joy as their children were recognized for their hard work.

Overall, the event was a resounding success, showcasing the diversity and richness of the Bangladeshi community in Singapore. The BMCS should be commended for their efforts in organizing such a memorable event, and we look forward to more such events in the future. The magazine, Nongor 2023, promises to be an exciting read for anyone interested in the shipping industry and the Bangladeshi community in Singapore.

The BMCS committee members did an outstanding job in managing the event, ensuring that everything ran smoothly, and the attendees were comfortable.

The event was a success, and it brought together members of the shipping community and the Bangladeshi community, fostering cultural exchange and understanding. The evening was a true reflection of the spirit of Singapore, a melting pot of cultures and traditions, where people from different backgrounds can come together and celebrate their diversity. The BMCS should be applauded for organizing such a wonderful event, and we look forward to attending more events like this in the future.


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